EipponCell HPMC MP100MS is a hydroxypropyl methylcellulose used in daily chemical products. It is a white or slightly yellowish powder that has no odor, taste, or toxicity. It can easily dissolve in cold water and organic solvents, forming a clear and thick solution. When dissolved in water, it exhibits surface activity, high transparency, and strong stability, remaining unaffected by pH levels. In shampoos and shower gels, it acts as a thickening agent and provides antifreeze properties. It also possesses water retention capabilities and forms a good film on hair and skin. By utilizing cellulose (an antifreeze thickener) in shampoo and shower gel formulations, it significantly reduces costs while achieving the desired effects, especially in light of the recent increase in raw material prices.

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Specification of HPMC YB 5100MS

Chemical name Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
Synonym Cellulose ether; Hypromellose; Cellulose, 2-hydroxypropylmethyl ether; hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; HPMC; MHPC
CAS number 9004-65-3
EC Number 618-389-6
Brand EipponCell
Product Grade HPMC YB 5100MS
Solubility Water Soluble Cellulose ether
Physical form White to off-white cellulose powder
Methoxy 19.0-24.0%
Hydroxypropoxy 4.0-12.0%
Moisture Max.6%
PH 4.0-8.0
Viscosity Brookfield 2% solution 40000-55000mPa.s
Viscosity NDJ 2% solution 80000-120000mPa.S
Ash content Max5.0%
Mesh size 99% pass 100mesh
HS code 3912.39

Application of HPMC YB 5100MS

YimaCell® HPMC YB 5100MS is primarily employed as an emulsion stabilizer and thickener in daily chemical products. It carries a risk factor of 1, indicating relative safety, and generally has no adverse effects on pregnant women. It does not possess acne-causing properties. In skincare products, it is utilized to enhance skin texture and adjust viscosity. In shampoo and shower gel formulations, it serves as a thickening agent, boosts foaming, and provides antifreeze properties. Moreover, it exhibits water retention capabilities and forms a good film on hair and skin. Due to the significant surge in basic raw material costs, the use of HPMC offers substantial cost reduction while achieving desired effects, making it highly popular. HPMC is also frequently incorporated into toothpaste formulas to effectively improve paste fluidity.

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