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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is a natural polymer material cellulose as raw material, through a series of chemical processing made of non-ionic cellulose ether. They are an odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder that swells into a clear or slightly cloudy colloidal solution in cold water. With thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, film formation, suspension, adsorption, gel, surface, water retention and protection of colloidal properties. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, methyl cellulose can be used in building materials, coating industry, synthetic resin, ceramic industry, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, daily chemical and other industries.

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The RDP powder replacementis product. a water soluble redispersible powder.It is a new kind of synthetic rubber powder. It is easily soluble in water and forms an emulsion quickly. Its chemical properties are identical to those of the original emulsion. It has good bond strength, excellent alkali resistance, weather resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.

ITEM YB-5011 YB-5013 YB-5015 YB-5016
Appearance White Powder White Powder White Powder White Powder
Protective colloid PVA PVA PVA PVA
Solid content ,wt% 99±1 99±1 99±1 99±1
Ash content ,wt% 11.5±2.5 10±2 9.5±1.25 9.5±1.5
Stacking density 0.4±0.1 0.5±0.1 0.45±0.1 0.5±0.1
Average particle size <300 μm <300 μm <300 μm <300 μm
TG 14ºC 10ºC 14ºC -1ºC
Minimum film-forming temperature 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC 0ºC
Particle concent ,>300 μm <2% <2% <3% <3%


Construction industry
1.Used as a binder in plaster, gypsum, putty powder, mortar or other building materials to improve processability and extend operating time. Prevents the slurry from drying and cracking too quickly after spraying, and the strength is enhanced after hardening.
2.Used as a tackifier for tiles, marble and plastic finishes.

Ceramic industry
Ceramic industry: widely used as a binder in the manufacture of ceramic products.

Coating industry
1.Used as a thickener, dispersant and stabilizer in the coatings industry. Good compatibility with water or organic solvents.
2.Used as paint stripper, dispersion coating, wall coating, polymerization aid.

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