Coating Materials Powders HEC Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose Hpmc Tile Adhesive/cmc Carboxymethyl Cellulose

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NAME: HEC, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose




Appearance: white to light yellow fibrous or powdery solid, non-toxic, tasteless, easily soluble in water. Insoluble in general organic solvents.

Because HEC has good thickening, suspension, dispersion, emulsification, adhesion, film formation, moisture protection and provide protective colloid and other characteristics, has been widely used in petroleum exploitation, coating, construction, medicine and food, textile, paper and polymer polymerization and other fields.

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Typical properties

Appearance White to off-white powder
Particle  size 98% pass 100 mesh
Molar substituting on degree(MS) 1.8-2.5
Residue on ignition(%) ≤0.5
pH value 5.0-8.0

Typical properties

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The high-quality cellulose ether produced by the kingmax is exported to Russia, India, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and many other countries and regions, the product quality is generally recognized by overseas customers.

Packaging information


HEC Product is packed in three layer paper bag with inner polyethylene bag reinforced , net weight is 25kg per bag.


Keep it in cool dry warehouse,away from moisture, sun,fire,rain.


address:Mayu Chemical Industry Park Jinzhou City, Hebei, China
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 Mayu Chemical Industry Park, Jinzhou City, Hebei, China



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