EipponCell® HEMC LH 615M hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose, as a cellulose ether, plays a crucial role in influencing the cement hydration process and microstructure formation in cement mortar.    With the growing popularity of polymer modified cement mortar and the increasing demand for long-lasting structures, the impact of cellulose ether on the durability of cement mortar has become a subject of considerable interest.    One significant effect of cellulose ether is the reduction of water content in cement mortar, leading to decreased shrinkage and increased expansion rates in humid environments.    This improved moisture resistance helps enhance the overall durability of cement mortar, making it more suitable for various environmental conditions.

Moreover, hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose has a significant effect on the carbonation resistance of cement mortar during its early stages.    Higher content of cellulose ether in the mixture delays the carbonation process, resulting in reduced carbonation shrinkage and depth.    This effect contributes to the long-term stability and resilience of the cement mortar, particularly in applications where carbonation-induced deterioration can be a concern.

The curing temperature and cellulose ether content also play crucial roles in determining the bonded tensile strength of cement mortar.    The presence of cellulose ether can significantly enhance the bond tensile strength, particularly after undergoing freeze-thaw cycles.    This improvement ensures better adhesion and stability of the mortar, which is essential for withstanding environmental stress and extending the service life of cement-based structures.

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Specification of HEMC LH 615M

Chemical name Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose
Synonym Cellulose ether, 2-hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose, Cellulose, 2-hydroxyethyl methyl ether, Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, HEMC, MHEC
CAS number 9032-42-2
Brand EipponCell
Product Grade HEMC LH 615M
Solubility Water Soluble Cellulose ether
Physical form White to off-white cellulose powder
Moisture Max.6%
PH 4.0-8.0
Viscosity Brookfield 2% solution 12000-18000mPa.s
Viscosity NDJ 2% solution 12000-18000mPa.s
Ash content Max5.0%
Mesh size 99% pass 100mesh
HS code 39123900

Application of HEMC LH 615M

EipponCell® HEMC LH 615M cellulose ether proves to be highly advantageous for air-entrained concrete, a novel lightweight wall material celebrated for its exceptional physical and mechanical properties, thermal performance, and energy-saving attributes. However, a significant drawback arises when plastering air-entrained concrete walls, as the plaster tends to develop cracks and hollow spots, hindering the further advancement of air-entrained concrete products. The primary reason behind the ease of cracking and hollowing in air-entrained concrete plastering mortar lies in its high water absorption rate, which renders it powdery, weak, and challenging to bond effectively with mortar.

In response to the flaws of ordinary air-entrained concrete plastering mortar, EipponCell® HEMC LH 615M cellulose ether and polyethylene-vinyl acetate redispersible latex powder are skillfully mixed into the mortar. This innovative blend significantly addresses the challenges faced during plaster application. The inclusion of KimaCell® HEMC MH15M cellulose ether and redispersible latex powder in the mortar substantially improves water retention, ensuring the mortar retains moisture for extended periods during application. This enhanced water retention capability mitigates premature drying and evaporation, thereby maintaining the mortar's workability for a longer duration.

Furthermore, the incorporation of EipponCell® HEMC LH 615M cellulose ether and redispersible latex powder substantially bolsters the bonding strength of the mortar with the air-entrained concrete surface. This strengthened adhesion fosters a more robust and durable plaster-concrete bond, thereby reducing the occurrence of cracks, hollow spots, or detachment over time.

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