EipponCell HPMC YB 520M is a cellulose ether specifically designed for cement-based plaster applications. Composed of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, HPMC serves as a retarder and water retention agent in cement mixtures. When incorporated into cement plaster mortar, it enhances viscosity and reduces shrinkage, thus strengthening the cohesive force and enabling control over the cement’s setting time. Moreover, it contributes to the improvement of initial strength and static bending strength.

One of its key advantages lies in its water-retaining properties, which minimize water loss on the concrete surface, prevent edge cracking, and enhance adhesion and overall construction performance. Notably, in construction scenarios, the setting time can be extended and adjusted by increasing the HPMC content. This feature offers flexibility and allows for better machinability and pumpability, making it well-suited for mechanized construction processes. As a result, construction efficiency is improved, and the building surface is protected against the weathering effects of water-soluble salts.

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Specification of HPMC YB520M

Chemical name Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
Synonym Cellulose ether; Hypromellose; Cellulose, 2-hydroxypropyl methyl ether; Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; HPMC; MHPC
CAS number 9004-65-3
EC Number 618-389-6
Brand EipponCell
Product Grade HPMC YB 520M
Solubility Water Soluble Cellulose Ether
Physical form White to off-white cellulose powder
Methoxy 19.0-24.0%
Hydroxypropoxy 4.0-12.0%
Moisture Max.6%
PH 4.0-8.0
Viscosity Brookfield 2% solution 10000-20000 mPa.s
Viscosity NDJ 2% solution 16000-24000 mPa.S
Ash content Max5.0%
Mesh size 99% pass 100 mesh
HS code 3912.39

Application of HPMC YB 520M

EipponCell HPMC YB 520M is a valuable additive for cement-based plaster applications, offering the following properties:

Effective distribution: When HPMC is dissolved in water, it exhibits surface activity, ensuring a uniform distribution of cementing material in the mortar system. ​Acting as a protective colloid, the HPMC envelops solid particles, forming a layer on their outer surface.. This layer acts as a lubricating film, enhancing mortar stability, improving fluidity during mixing, and facilitating smooth construction.

Water Retention: Due to its unique molecular structure, the HPMC solution helps retain water in the mortar, gradually releasing it over an extended period of time.. This feature imparts excellent water retention properties to the mortar, preventing rapid water loss from the mixture to the substrate.. The retained water remains on the surface of the fresh material, promoting cement hydration and ultimately enhancing the final strength of the plaster.

Stability and compatibility: HPMC demonstrated stability to both acid and alkali environments.. Its aqueous solution remains highly stable in the pH range from 2 to 12.. While caustic soda and lime water have minimal effect on its properties, alkalis can expedite its dissolution and slightly increase its viscosity.

Improved Construction Performance: The addition of HPMC significantly enhances the construction performance of mortars.. The resulting mortar exhibits a lubricating effect, often described as "oily," which facilitates full filling of wall joints, smoothens the surface, and promotes strong bonding between tiles or bricks and the base layer. In addition, the presence of the HPMC prolongs the operation time, making it particularly suitable for large-scale construction projects.

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