Application of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in construction industry(HPMC)

1.Cement mortar:Improve the dispersion of cement-sand, greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar, to prevent cracks have effect, can enhance the strength of cement.(HPMC)

2.Ceramic tile cement:Improve the plasticity and water retention of ceramic tile mortar, improve the glue relay of ceramic tile, prevent powder.

3.Asbestos and other refractory coating:As a suspension safety agent, fluidity improver, also improve the glue relay on the substrate.

4.Gypsum concrete:Improve water retention and processability, improve the adhesion to the base.

5.Joint cement:Add to the joint cement used for gypsum board, improve fluidity and water retention.(HPMC)

6.Emulsion putty:Improve the fluidity and water retention of resin emulsion based putty.

7.Plaster:As a substitute for natural paste, can improve water retention, improve the glue with the base.

8.Coating:As a plasticizer for latex coatings, it can improve the performance and fluidity of coatings and putty powder.

9.Spray paint:It has a good effect on preventing cement or latex coating from sinking and improving the flow and spray beam pattern.

10.Cement, gypsum secondary products:As cement-asbestos and other hydraulic materials pressing molding binder, improve fluidity, can get uniform molding products.

11.The fiber wall:It is effective as a binder for sand walls due to its anti-enzyme and anti-bacterial effects.

12.Other:It can be used as a bubble holding agent for thin mortar and mortar operators.



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