What are MSDS/COA/TDS respectively?

COA (Certificate Of Analysis) : COA in Chinese means Analysis report, generally for the raw materials Of the product, each raw material must provide a COA Analysis report. Cosmetics generally require COA reports of raw materials to prove the safety of raw materials. At present, EC(EU) 1223/2009 requires cosmetics companies to provide COA reports for each ingredient.

TDS (Technical Data Sheet) is: TDS in Chinese means Technical Data Sheet, also known as Technical Data Sheet. Submit the technical parameter sheet according to each manufacturer’s specifications for comparison with other manufacturers. Tender, technical meeting, specification, logistics, will mention the technical parameter list. Differences between TDS report, COA report and MSDS report: TDS and COA are generally for raw materials, while MSDS is generally for products. MSDS report, TDS report and COA report can be made for the same raw material or product. These three reports are completely independent.

The full name of MSDS is Material Safety Data Sheet, which means Material Safety specification in Chinese. However, it has been unified as chemical Safety Technical specification in GBT 16483-2008 standard

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document on chemical characteristics provided by chemical production, trade and sales enterprises to downstream customers and the public according to legal requirements. It provides sixteen contents of chemical physicochemical parameters, flammability, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, first-aid measures and relevant laws and regulations. It contains guidelines for safe use of chemicals, potential chemical hazards, and a safe disposal method for operators, transportation and storage personnel, and emergency personnel.

In addition, MSDS was changed from the previous MSDS to SDS with the same nature. Under eu REACH directive, also known as SDS. At present, many countries have implemented GHS standard, and MSDS has also been renamed SDS. MSDS role in international trade, the quality of MSDS is a measure of a company’s strength, image and management level of an important symbol, high-quality chemical products with high-quality MSDS, is bound to increase more business opportunities. Have experts of international level help you to prepare, a high level of MSDS to promote the success of the trade is critical, is an effective corporate image promotion, relatively, the cost is not high. ANSI and ISO recommended implementation of MSDS content