Re-ble latex powder(RDP&VAE)

Redispersion latex powder is a modified polymer emulsion processed by spray drying powder dispersion.

It has a good dispersion, can still be reemulsified into a stable polymer emulsion after adding water, its chemical performance is exactly the same as the initial emulsion.

Therefore, it is possible to produce high-quality dry mixed mortar to improve the performance of the mortar.

Can disperse latex powder as an essential functional additive of mixing mortar, it can improve the performance of mortar, improve the strength of mortar, improve the bonding strength of mortar and various substrate, improve the flexibility and deformability of mortar, compressive strength, fold resistance strength, wear resistance, toughness, adhesive relay and water retention ability, construction.In addition, with a hydrophobic latex powder can make the mortar have a very good waterproof.

Masonry mortar, plastering mortar can redisperse latex powder has good impermeability, water retention, frost resistance, and high bonding strength, can effectively solve the traditional masonry mortar masonry between cracking, penetration and other quality problems.

Free flow tile mortar, floor material can redisperse latex powder has high strength, good cohesion / bonding and the required flexibility.It can improve the adhesion, wear resistance and water retention of the matched materials.It can bring excellent rheology, construction ability and optimal self-smoothing performance for the ground self-leveling mortar and leveling mortar.

Ceramic tile binder, ceramic tile hook agent can re-disperse latex powder has good bonding, good water retention, long opening time, flexibility, anti-sagging performance and good anti-freezing and thaw circulation ability.It can bring high bonding ability, high slip resistance and good construction operation for ceramic tile adhesive, thin layer of ceramic tile adhesive and seam filling agent.



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