Préparation et mécanisme de la poudre de latex redispersée

Redispersed latex powder is a powder obtaine by polymer emulsion by spray drying or other means. After it is mixed with water in a certain proportion, it can again form a stable and basically the same properties as the original emulsion. Can redisperse latex powder and cement dry mixed mortar mixed use, can improve the strength of mortar. Bonding performance, waterproof and other properties.

The biggest advantage of dispersing latex powder is in the form of dry powder, transportation, convenient use. Can be mix with cement, sand powder and other materials prefabricated into various functions of products. Can be add when used in the construction site. In addition, the latex powder for reemulsion has no risk of freezing or microbial contamination compared with the polymer emulsion and paste. And the product packaging and treatment of the containers are also very simple.

Building putty is a necessary material of construction engineering.

The main role is use for the external wall base leveling treatment. At present, there are three main categories of building putty on the market: powder putty (cement, reusable adhesive powder. Polymer water-soluble dry adhesive powder as binder), two-component putty (polymer emulsion, cement as binder), paste putty (polymer emulsion as binder). Traditional putty has the disadvantages such as low bond strength and poor water resistance. And the construction needs to be prepare on site, and its quality is not easy to control.

Therefore, it is urgent to develop the powder putty with high bonding strength. Good water resistance and excellent construction performance to meet the actual engineering needs. Cement as the bonding substance in putty, did not add can disperse latex powder. There is a lot of gap in the system, when added can disperse latex powder, then dispersed emulsion polymer can condense in putty void film. Blocking the gap in putty system, make putty scraping dry surface layer form more dense film. Which can effectively prevent water infiltration, reduce water absorption, enhance its water resistance. The polymer emulsion after the latex powder can be disperse can basically completely fill the putty body. The gap in the system, forming a complete and dense film, so that the trend of putty water absorption decreases with the increase of the amount of latex powder.


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