(HEC)The role of hydroxyethyl cellulose in true stone paint

1. Less rebound

Hydroxyethyl cellulose can prevent the real stone paint powder transition scattering, increase the effective construction area. And reduce the loss and environmental pollution.

2. Good performance

With hydroxyethyl cellulose made of real stone paint products, people feel that the product viscosity is high, the product quality grade is improved.

3. Anti-top paint introtravation effect

The real stone paint made of hydroxyeethyl cellulose product has a strict structure. The color of finish paint construction, uniform luster will not bloom, and the amount of finish paint will be relatively reduced. Traditional thickening (such as: alkali expansion, etc.) made into real stone paint. Because the structure after the construction molding is relatively loose, and because of the thin construction time, the shape is different. In the cover paint consumption when the paint increases, and the opposite paint absorption difference is larger.

4. Water resistance and film formation effect are good

The real stone paint made of hydroxyethyl cellulose, the product has strong bonding force, and good compatibility with the emulsion. The formation of the product film is more compact, compact, so as to improve its water resistance, effectively prevent the whitening phenomenon in the rainy season.

5. Good anti-sinking effect

The real stone paint made of hydroxyethyl cellulose will have a special mesh structure, which can effectively prevent the powder from sinking, keep the product stable in the process of transportation and storage, and achieve good tank opening effect.

6. Convenient construction

Made of hydroxyethyl cellulose real stone paint construction. There is a certain fluidity, easy to make the product construction color is the same, while the construction skills requirements are not high.

7. Excellent mildew prevention performance

Special polymerization structure can effectively prevent mold invasion.It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of sterilization and mildew prevention agent to ensure a better effect.


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