The performance influence of RDP&VAE


Whether it is the functional failure caused by the structural damage of the old concrete structure project, or the structure of the new concrete project due to various reasons caused by honeycomb, hemp surface and other defects, will affect the safety and use of the building, and affect people’s production and life.

Therefore, it is very important to repair the damaged part of the coagulation ten structures, and the development of the concrete structure repair mortar is also imperative.

There are many types of polymer added components in the concrete structure repair mortar.

Redispersed latex powder is one of the most important polymer components and is the largest organic component in the repair mortar composite system.

With the increase of glue powder mixing amount, the apparent density of mortar gradually decreases.

The consistency value first increases sharply and then is maintained smoothly, the water retention rate increases linearly.

And the condensation time gradually becomes longer.The increase of water retention rate is conducive to the repair of repair mortar in dry environment, even without wet maintenance;

The extension of setting time helps to extend the operating time of repair mortar.

La poudre de caoutchouc en faible quantité rendra la résistance à la compression du mortier, puis avec l'augmentation de la résistance à la compression progressivement réduite, la résistance au pliage du mortier et la résistance à la traction augmente avec l'augmentation de la poudre de colle après la tendance, l'influence de la résistance du mortier> résistance à la traction> résistance à la compression.

When the glue powder is low, the consistency value is large and the mortar viscosity is greatly improved.

The compressive strength increases significantly and the tensile strength and tensile bonding strength are also improved to different degrees, and the mechanical properties are excellent.


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