Physical and chemical properties: appearance:

white or white-like powder.Granularity; 100 items pass rate is greater than 985%; 80 pass rate is greater than 100%.

Charization temperature: 280-300? Visual density: 025-070 / cm3 (usually around 05 g/cm3), specific gravity of 1.26-1.31.

Discolor temperature: 190-200? Surface tension: 2% aqueous solution is 42-56dyn / cm.

Be soluble in water and some solvents, such as an appropriate proportion of ethanol / water, propanol / water, trichloroethane, etc.The aqueous solution is surface-active.High transparency.

stable performance, different specifications of the product gel temperature is different, the solubility changes with the viscosity.

The lower the viscosity.

The greater the solubility.

The dissolution of HPMC in water is not affected by the PH value.

The main purpose is the dispersant in PVC production, and the suspension polymerization product is industrial grade HPMC Prepare the main aid for PVC.

In addition, in other petrochemical chemicals, coatings, building materials, paint remover, agricultural chemistry Product, ink, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, paper, cosmetics and other products production as thickener, stabilizer, emulsification Agents, excipients, water-retaining agent, film-forming agent, etc.

The application of synthetic resin makes the obtained product have bur Grain fined, loose, appropriate proportion, excellent processing performance and other characteristics, thus basically replacing gelatin and polyethylene Enenol as a dispersant.In addition, in the process of construction industry construction, mainly with dry wall, plaster whitewash, stitching and so on Mechanized construction: especially in the decorative construction, used to paste ceramic tile, marble, plastic decoration, paste strong High degree, can also reduce the amount of cement.Used in the coating industry as a thickening agent, can make the layer bright and delicate, do not take off Powder, improve the leveling performance, etc.\


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