Specific application of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC)


 As we all know, the mainstream of construction glue is also the polyacrylamide and poly7 enol co-poly glue formed in nearly four or five years.Its excellent construction and general applicability have been vigorously promoted in the industry.

This kind of promotion, whether paid or free, with high or low technical level, has been recognized by most colleagues engaged in this industry.

No matter how high the technology is, they are still happy to make products suitable for local requirements.

Unless the PVA content is increased But the cost has also increased accordingly.There is also a problem, is to do the need to use with water concentrated glue, accidentally, the viscosity is very large, dilution with water is more difficult to disperse.

Experimental results.

Continue to place for 21 days, and there is no stratification, the state is basically unchanged.Conclusion.


After the reaction fusion, the viscosity increases without the layered kinetic energy, verifying the theory.Just about 24 hours without stratification.

There will be no stratification. Influactors; by adjusting PH, PH has no effect on the glue performance and reaction process.

Temperature above 70 degrees had an appropriate influence on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Construction conclusion:

with PVA content of 15% glue with heavy drill, electric drill scattered, putty into sticky, will not dilute flow, construction is smooth, do Yin and Yang Angle is suitable.

Construction accessibility.

With white cement barrier-free, no adverse reactions.

Diluting the glue to the solid content of 13-1.4%, the effect shows no sign of reduction, indicating that the polyvinyl alcohol solid content of 1.5% is enough.

Test water resistance: the water is sprayed to the dry putty surface, the water flow flows under a fine line, will not spread to both sides, indicating excellent water resistance, there is no obstacle to the second construction.

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