Action principle and temperature of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC

The main role of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in cement mortar and putty powder is to keep water and thickening. Which can effectively improve the bonding force and pituitary resistance of materials.

The factors such as temperature and wind speed will affect the volatilization speed of water in mortar. Putty and other products, so in different seasons. Add the same amount of cellulose product water retention effect will also have some differences. In the specific construction. The water retention effect of slurry can adjust by increasing or decreasing the amount of HPMC.

The water retention of at high temperature is an important indicator to distinguish quality. Excellent HPMC can effectively solve the water retention problem under high temperature conditions. In the dry season and area with high temperature and high wind speed. High-quality is need to improve the water retention performance of the slurry.

Therefore, in the high temperature summer construction, in order to achieve the effect of water conservation, it is necessary to add high-quality HPMC according to the formula, otherwise there will be too fast drying caused by insufficient hydration, strength reduction, cracking, empty drum and falling off and other quality problems, but also increase the difficulty of workers’ construction. As the air temperature decreases, the amount of add can be gradually reduce, and the same water retention effect can be achieve.


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