Why can plaster gypsum stand out from the building materials?

Plastering gypsum is a kind of building interior wall and roof surface plastering material, is the traditional cement mortar replacement products, using building gypsum as the base material, and supplemented by optimized performance materials and a variety of admixtures and aggregate preparation of the gas plastering material.

  • (1) Strong bonding force Due to the addition of various polymers, its water retention is good. Plastering plaster can be almost very well bonded with all kinds of wall substrate, for the aerated concrete wall effect is especially obvious, plastering need not brush any interface agent. Because the plastering gypsum has a micro-expansion nature, it can effectively restrain the shrinkage and cracking phenomenon of the plastering, and the wall plastering layer will not appear empty drum, cracking, and fall off phenomenon.
  • (2) Have a decorative role Plastering plaster wall is dense and smooth without gray, non-toxic, tasteless, not broken, with high strength and not shrinkage, elegant appearance, to achieve advanced plastering effect.
  • (3) Good flame-retardant properties After the plastering gypsum condenses, there is a lot of crystalline water, and the vapor prevents the spread of the flame, and the absorption of the heat during the whole dehydration process, thus improving the fire resistance.
  • (4) Good thermal insulation and heat insulation Plastering gypsum hardening body is a porous material, the thermal conductivity in the same thickness, is 30% of concrete products, 45% of clay bricks. At the same time, plaster gypsum curing can effectively prevent sound wave transmission, the compartment effect is good.
  • (5) Convenient construction Plastering gypsum has good workability, water protection, after the site of water mixing evenly can be directly on the wall plastering, free operation, low labor intensity, less material consumption.

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