HPMC in putty powder stir more dilute the reason?

Putty powder production and use, there will be a variety of problems. Putty powder and water mixed with water, with an electric drill mixing, putty will be more stir more thin. Water precipitation phenomenon is serious, the root cause of this problem is the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose add in the putty powder.HPMC

1.The viscosity of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose selection is not appropriate, the viscosity is too low. And the suspension effect is not enough. At this time, the phenomenon of water precipitation will be serious, which cannot reflect the effect of uniform suspension. HPMC

2. Putty powder is add to the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose water retention agent. Has a very good water retention effect, when the putty and water are dissolve, it will be a lot of water lock, this is a common problem, many people encounter such a problem. Reduce the amount of cellulose added appropriately or reduce the water added appropriately. HPMC

3, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose the structure itself has a certain relationship, it has touch denaturation, so added the cellulose coating has a certain touch denaturation, so putty in fast stirred, its overall structure is scattered, more and more sparse phenomenon, but when standing still, its slowly recover.HPMC


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