How does carboxymethyl cellulose sodium make up glue

Carboxymethylcellulose sodium is also as CMC, the correct use method is the key. The correct use method can make sodium carboxylmethylcellulose really play a role. So as to achieve the reasonable use of sodium carboxymethylcellulose purpose. The CMC was immediately mix with water and configured in a viscous reserve. When preparing the CMC paste, first add a certain amount of clean water to the mixing main cylinder containing the mixer.

The agitation time is not consistent with the complete CMC dissolution time. Two definitions that, in general. Are much shorter than the complete dissolution time of the CMC, both depending on the case. The agitation time is determined on the basis that CMC is evenly disperse in water. And there is no obviously large mass object, that is, stop stirring. So that CMC and water can permeate and combine with each other in a static state.

Knowing clearly how much time it takes for the CMC to fully dissolve, is based on the following aspects:
  • (1) CMC and water are completely bond, with no solid-liquid separation;
  • (2) the mixing paste is uniform and smooth;
  • (3) the color of the mixing paste is close to colorless and completely transparent. And there is no particles in the mixing paste.
  • It takes 10 to 20 hours from the time of CMC investment to the initial mixing water of the batching tank and the complete melting to CMC.
  • Appropriate operation method in the time and its carboxymethyl fibrillin sodium situation, will have? Detailed narrative. For all kinds of situations, yes? Good main performance, these are the appropriate operation steps can be completed.
  • CMC was immediately mixed with water and retained after configuration to viscous viscosity. When preparing CMC paste, first add a certain amount of clean water to the main cylinder containing the mixer.


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