Lnocellulosic hydrolysis

Based on enzyme hydrolysis consumption skills is 2080 years, since 2070 years “power financial crisis”. The us power is not broken to support range of alcohol consumption.

Although biofuels and chemical goods that occur through cellulase lysis require higher yields, higher trade-offs, higher power profit, and a softer operating environment than chemical processes, this skill was still judged as a high-risk career [1] at that time. But the new biological skills need the main guarantee of make them more cooperative. It is not worth noting that the large number of bacteria and fungi are consuming the power of psychohydrolase enzymes.

Cellulose-related microbial degradation constitutes a microbial collective with complete degradation power and the one that serves as a certain link in the biological spiritual hydrolysis response chain in certain microbial tribes. The cellulases secreted by the microorganisms of the agency are summarized as glycoside hydrolases (GHs). And the sodium carboxylmethylcellulose also includes some enzymes with ongoing lignin finishing power.

The combination of enzymes and microorganisms is undergoing static change without the same ecological fragmentation of biological mental hydrolysis. Which depends on the initial biological mental resources and conditional reaction factors. After some biological skills, found and improve the new enzyme resources. And make the enzyme is new characteristics is greater power, the agency features include disorder common root higher strange activity, better thermal stability, better static power and improved combination .


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