Water thickening agent

Thickener has multiple ends, up to now is commonly use is cellulose ether and its active active life of the substance class thickener. Associated alkali swelling thickener (HASE) and polyurethane thickener (HEUR).

Cellulose ethers and their substances that develop life

Hydroxythyl cellulose (HEC) was first successfully produce by Union Carbide enterprises in 1932. And until now it has been accumulated for 70 years. Up to now, cellulose ether and its living substance thickener mainly include hydroyethyl cellulose (HEC), methylhydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC), ethylhydroxyethyl cellulose (EHEC), methylhydroxypropyl cellulose (MHPC), methylcellulose (MC) and xanthagen gum, all curved straight ion thickener, and belonging to non-association aqueous phase thickener. The most commonly used one in the emulsion paint is HEC. Such as Natrosol 250 of Aqualon enterprise and Cellusize QP of Union Carbide enterprise.

Hydrophobic modified cellulose (HMHEC) is the introduction of small long-chain hydrophobic alkyls into the bone of the cellulose hydrophilic fan and thus becomes a association thickener. Such as Natrosol Plus Grade 330,331, Cellosize SG-100, Bermocoll EHM-100. Its thickening effect can be comparable to that of much larger molecular weight. It increases the ICI viscosity and smoothness, and reduces the external tension. Such as HEC is about 67 m N/m, and HMHEC is an alkali swelling thickener.

The non-association ASE is a polyacrylate alkali swelling emulsion. Such thickeners such as ASE 60 for Rohm Haas Enterprises and Viscalex HV-30 for Ciba Enterprises.



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