Cellulose ether leads in real stone water white

Some real stone on the market after the rain washed and soaked will be obvious white. The weather is clear, and then restored to the original state, this is a real stone paint paint directly poor resistance. In fact, there are many reasons affecting the real lacquer white water whitening. Not just because of the amount of cellulose ether that is controlle. Next, let’s take a look. A reason for a low quality lotion Low grade or low price emulsion in order to increase the stability of the emulsion. Often will add excess surfactants, which will greatly reduce the water resistance of the emulsion itself.

The amount of emulsion is too small

The price of high quality emulsion is higher, the manufacturer in order to save the cost. Only add a small amount of emulsion, make the real paint after dry and loose, the density is not enough. The water absorption of the film is relatively large, the bonding strength is also reduce, such as a long time rainy weather, rain will penetrate into the film, causing the real white paint.

Overdose of thickening agent

Some manufacturers in the manufacture of real stone paint, often will add a large number of carboxymethyl cellulose. Hydroxyethyl cellulose as a thickener agent, these substances are water soluble or hydrophilic, paint film coating, greatly reduce the water resistance of the coating.

  • 1.The choice of high-quality emulsion water resistance is very good. The polymer acrylic polymer is selected as the film-forming material to improve the water resistance of the true stone from the source.
  • 2. Increase the proportion of emulsion, increase the proportion of emulsion content. And carry out a lot of comparative tests on the real stone paint emulsion. To ensure that the real stone paint paint film is dense and complete, blocking the rain invasion.
  • 3. Adjust the proportion of hydrophilic materials. In order to ensure the stability and processing of the product. It is necessary to add cellulose and other hydrophilic substances.
  • 4.The key is to find a precise balance point, which requires a lot of repeated tests to study the fiber hydrophilic materials and other reasonable proportions. Not only to ensure the efficacy of the product, but also to minimize the impact of waterproof.

water white


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