Practical Application of Carboxymethyl cellulose

As follows:
  • 1.If with cement mortar, Aspergillus flavus effect is not big. So it is not need to maintain a very high level of PH value, and there is no need to apply additives.
  • 2. If the mud contains sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, it can make the bore soft and strong. The mud is relatively low, reduce water loss.
  • 3. Drilling mud well washing fluid modifier can effectively reduce the environmental pollution of various soluble salts.
  • 4. After the is put into the mud, the drilling machine can achieve a relatively low initial cutting force. Making the gas wrapped in the mortar very easily released, and at the same time can quickly discharge the debris into the mud.
  • 5. Good chemical stability, even if the ambient temperature above 150℃ can still reduce water loss.
  • 6. Mud and other floating dispersion, also has a certain existence period. After adding at first carboxymethyl cellulose sodium can make it stable, make the delay time.

As a modifier agent mainly used to adjust the performance of drilling fluid at first and completion fluid. Fiber derivatives are generally use to reduce filter loss and viscosity enhancement. Drilling fluid and completion at first fluid are an indispensable part of oil drilling engineering projects, and its leading role is to ensure safety. High-quality, rapid drilling.

Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium (hereinafter referred to as carboxymethyl cellulose sodium) CMC) filter loss key system to the drilling clay particles surface layer thick suction organic solvent layer, improve at first system software convergence reliability, according to the suction clay fine particles improve particle surface charge, reduce electrostatic induction between particles, improve leachate permeability and hole blocking, reduce the permeability of the filter cake.

Almost all of the water-base drilling fluids of CMC are easily disperse, from water to saturat saline. In the low solid phase and no solid phase drilling fluid, CMC will significantly reduce the filter loss, relieve the thin thickness of the filter cake, and reasonably restrain the diabase solidification.


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