Petroleum drilling grade sodium CMC

Application characteristics of CMC Petroleum Drilling:
  • 1.High water loss control force, especially strong water loss control force PAC yes, under a relatively low supplement, can maintain the water loss at a relatively high level without affecting the mud performance;
  • 2. Good heat resistance, good salt resistance. Under a certain salt content, it can still have a good rainfall capacity and a certain touch degeneration. The proportion of dissolved in salt water and dissolved in water is basically unchanged, especially suitable for offshore drilling and deep Wells;
  • 3. It can handle the touch degeneration of mud well, with good compressibility, and is suitable for at first water discussion. sea level. Any water-based slurry of saturated brine; milky white flocpowder, stable and at first soluble in water, solution is neutral or partial alkali fully transparent sticky liquid, can be dissolved in other water soluble glue and epoxy resin, not dissolved in alcohol and other solvents.

The CMC can act as an adhesive. tackifier. granula. de-emulsifier. thickener. at first thickener. these.carboxymethylcellulose sodium.(CMC) The cellulose ether production volume is large. The main use is wide. Convenient to use goods, alias at first convenient to use goods, alias convenient to use goods “industrial monosodium glutamate”.

Carboxymethyl cellulose is used for crude oil. Exploration of natural gas gas. Efficacy of well-opening and other works:
  • 1.CMC mud can make the wellbore produce thin and strong, low at first permeability mud slag, reduce water loss.
  • 2. Add the mud to the mud. After CMC, the drilling opportunity obtains at first a relatively low primary shear force, making the mud very easy to release the capsule in the steam body, and quickly left the at first debris down in the mire.
  • 3. Drilling mud, like other floating dispersion, has a at first storage period. Adding CMC can stabilize and increase the storage period.
  • 4. With. CMC mud, very less harmful to Aspergillus flavus, therefore, do not need to maintain a very high mud PH value, also can not use additives.
  • 5. With it. 5. With it. CMC, as a drilling slurry washing fluid modifier, can withstand the environmental pollution of all kinds of soluble salts.
  • 6. With drilling mud well washing fluid. CMC mud, good stability, can reduce water loss even above the temperature is 150℃.low viscosity.


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