Sodium CMC is commonly used in concentration

Food products are carboxymethylcellulose sodium. Pharmaceutical industry and other industrial have been widely used. In order to play a high-quality use state, we should master its application in different fields, so that you can use these products are well assiste.

So, what is the consumer demand of various industries?
  • 1.The sodium carboxymethyl cellulose for safe uptake (ADI) for food and national standards is 25mg / (kg d), or approximately 1.5 g/d per person. Not only an excellent emulsifying stabilizer in food applications. Adhesive agent, and has an excellent freezing agent. Melting stability, improve product taste, improve storage time. CMC
  • 2. In the yogurt. ice cream. ice cream. jelly. beverage. Canins is about 1% -1.5%. CMC
  • 3. Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium can also be use together with vinegar. light soy sauce. edible oil. fruit juice. juice. Fruit juice and other performance to produce stable emulsion dispersion, the amount of 0.2% -0.5%. CMC
  • 4.Especially movement. edible oil. The protein and solution are excellent and can produce uniform emulsion with stable performance. Because of its safety and reliability, its dosage does not meet China’s food hygiene standard ADI limit / system.

In addition, when using the carboxylmethyl cellulose sodium as a stabilizer, if mixed with all kinds of stabilizer, should pay attention to the correct addition way and order, as far as possible, in order to ensure the use of experience. Carboxylcellulose sodium and strong alkali solution, soluble aluminum salts, and other metals. Mercury, zinc and other side effects, when PH 2 is mix with 95% alcohol, it will produce precipitation. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, Arabic gum, and Arabic gum can produce cocoagulants, and can also produce nitric oxidase with collagen, enabling stacking some positive proteins.CMC


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