Why does dry mixed mortar become the mainstream

Dry mixed mortar: mortar mixing all raw materials in the factory. In the construction site only in proportion to add water and mix.
  • 1.Stable quality: due to the special equipment, technical personnel control and management. The materials are reasonable, the ingredients are accurate, mixed evenly. So that the quality is uniform and reliable, and improve the quality of construction construction.
    • For example, the plastering of large areas of internal and external walls can ensure its physical properties such as streng. Consistent color, anti-cracking, anti-peeling, anti-seepage water.
    • The dry mixed mortar and its formula modified by various additives are scientific and strict. And the production process is accurate in measurement and accurate in preparation.
    • Factory production can ensure the stability of mortar quality, to meet the design performance requirements. But also to meet the special construction technical requirements, a wide range of applications.
  • 2. High work efficiency: use it whenever you go. Even the dry mortar only needs to add water on site. Greatly improve the work efficiency, but also can improve the construction efficiency.
  • 3. Ensure the construction quality and reduce the cost: Improving the efficiency not only meets the various requirements of different buildings.
    • But also ensures the stability of the construction quality. The use of dry mixed mortar can realize large-scale mechanized operation and promote civilized and standardized construction, and achieve “green construction”.
    • The construction period is shortened, the efficiency is significantly improved, and the labor quantity is reduced, which greatly reduces the construction cost and avoids the proportion error of the site mixing of raw materials in the traditional construction and affects the consistency of the construction quality.
  • 4. Protect the environment: dry mixed mortar covers less area, no dust, no noise, reduce environmental pollution, improve city appearance and civilized production.
  • 5. Building dry mixed mortar is an inorganic material, non-toxic and tasteless, conducive to healthy living, and is a real green material.
  • 6. Suitable for mechanized construction, such as the storage of building dry mixing mortar, pneumatic conveying, machine spraying, etc., so as to entially improve the work efficiency and reduce the construction cost.

Dry mixed mortar


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