The difference between plastering plaster mortar and cement mortar

With the development of the construction industry, the building frame structure has become a trend. With the passage of time and the improvement of people’s housing requirements and standards. The existing use of cement mortar plastering technology has exposed many problems, empty drum, cracking is difficult to control. Plaster plaster just make up for these shortcomings. Platered plaster is a kind of more new, more environmental protection, more economic national key promotion materials. Because of the physical performance and operation performance of gypsum, with early strong, fast hard, strong bonding force. High construction efficiency, not empty drum, no cracking, no alkali. Smooth and fine surface features, began widely used in building wall plastering, will eventually replace the traditional cement mortar.

Water retention and working ability

The plastering gypsum has good water retention and working ability, which can ensure the complete hydration reaction after plastering, and the plastering layer strength does not decrease due to water loss; the experiments show that the plaster layer strength increases with the decrease of water content.

Binding and microexpansion properties

The tered plaster has good bonding and microexpansion. Platered plaster has good and easy liquidity makes the slurry easily into the wall gap and convex gap, slurry volume expansion after hardening, forming bond tenon and small hook hanging system, make plastering layer and base close, aerated concrete and plastering surface occlusion between strengthening, bonding strength increases, so not only less ground ash, small material loss, and can ensure that the interface between dry shrinkage stress produce hollow drum and cracking.

Moisture removal and hygroscopic properties

After the hardening of plaster gypsum, the unique internal porous network structure makes it have good moisture drainage and hygroscopic properties, which is conducive to the drying of aerated concrete itself, so as to avoid the dry shrinkage deformation difference caused by the different internal moisture content of aerated concrete “ink bottle” structure.

Grouting mortar

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