The advantages of redispersing latex powder in ceramic tile glue

Ceramic tile glue is the cement base adhesive material of paste ceramic tile. So it is called ceramic tile glue, ceramic tile glue is also one of the main varieties of dry powder mortar, ceramic tile glue is of aggregate, silicic acid cement a small amount of lime and functional additives according to the requirements of product quality water products.RDP&VAE

The deployment of good ceramic tile glue can be able to form a glue paste after blending with water. With a sawtooth blade batch to scrape out a uniform thickness of the bond layer. This kind of thin paste process not only saves material than thick paste paste method. And because ceramic tile glue has very good water retention performance (the effect of cellulose). So ceramic tile and base need not use water invasion bubble wet in advance. Plus, if enough additives are and the ratio is correct, the tile on the tile glue will not slip. This does not need to add locators between the tiles, and the tiles can also be built from the top down. Both the efficiency and the quality have significantly improved.RDP&VAE

Working hours and adjustable times
  • Improve the water retention performance to ensure the hydration of the cement
  • Improve anti-pituitary
  • Improve productivity (easy to build on substrate, easy to press tile into tile glue)
  • Good bonding with all kinds of substrates, including plastering, concrete, wood, old tiles, PVC, etc
  • In all kinds of weather conditions, there are very good deformation ability


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