Platered mortar is prone to the three major performance errors

The dry powder is made of high quality cement, fine aggregate and a variety of high performance admixtures. It is suitable for aerated concrete block, fly ash block, ceramsite brick and other light walls and high water absorption materials for plastering. Suitable for construction, decoration engineering of the internal, external wall, cover and ceiling plastering.

Myth 1: the greater the strength of plastering mortar, the better

The strength grade of ready-mixed plastering mortar varies from M5 to M 20. And the most commonly used strength grades are M 5 and M10. For plastering mortar, the mortar strength grade of different substrate requirements is not the same. Which is related to the difference in the elastic modulus of the substrate and the mortar layer. The greater the difference in the elastic modulus, the greater the risk of empty drum cracking. Platered mortar is different from masonry mortar, it does not belong to the load-bearing system. The main role is to protect the base and leveling, at the same time as the binding layer with decorative materials. It has a good binding surface, so the plastering strength only needs to meet the standard requirements. The strength is too high significance is not significant, but increase the cost of inaction.

Myth two: the higher the water retention of plastering mortar, the better

Fruit plastering mortar water retention is too good, then the actual water retained in the mortar is more. The real water-ash ratio of the mortar is large, the actual strength of the mortar is low, and the bonding strength with the block is correspondingly low. In addition, mortar water retention is too good, water is not easy to be absorbed by the base. Will also affect the bond of cement slurry and the base, and will extend the condensation time of mortar, produce the surface dry wet “skin” phenomenon, thus affecting the plastering speed, and increase the difficulty of construction.

Myth 3: the plastering mortar less the better

When the water demand is less than a specific range, the construction performance of the mortar will also become worse, mainly manifested in the slurry fullness degree is not enough, the mortar is not good to receive the surface, for the mechanism of the sand may cause the mortar adhesion, affect the construction performance. For the mortar admixture with water reduction effect, when the water reduction efficiency exceeds a certain limit, the mortar fluidity will also increase accordingly, which may cause the mortar flow hanging phenomenon on the wall. To sum up, the water demand of dry mixed plastering mortar is not the same according to different materials. The water demand is too much or too little, which will not be conducive to the state of mortar. Therefore, it is necessary to master the reasonable range of the water demand of mortar.

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