Why does methyl hydroxyeyl cellulose appear white in true stone paint?

Some real stone paint after a rain erosion and soaking time will appear obvious white. After the sky becomes sunny and slowly restore their original appearance, this is actually the real stone paint water resistance is relatively poor performance.HEMC

So the reason for this situation is this:

1.It has much to do with the emulsion used to prepare true stone coatings. Some emulsion manufacturers are in order to increase the stability of the emulsion. The use of surfactant excess, the existence of these problem surfactant will greatly improve and reduce the water resistance of the emulsion itself.

2. In the formula design of the real stone paint, some manufacturers in order to save the cost. Only added a very small amount of emulsifier, to make the real stone paint paint film dry and loose, the density is not enough. The water absorption rate of the paint film is relatively large, and the bonding strength is relatively low. HEMC

3.So a encounter with a long time of rain weather, the rain will gradually develop into the paint film. Resulting in the use of real stone paint paint film appears white. In addition to the poor water resistance of stone paint due to the low amount of emulsion. Some manufacturers add a large number of carboxylmethyl cellulose. Methyl hydroxythyl cellulose as a thickening agent, which are water-soluble or hydrophilic. And the coating remains in the coating after film formation, which greatly reduces the water resistance of the coating.HEMC


1.In the selection of raw materials, the selection of excellent polymer acrylic acid can be used as film substances, which improves the water resistance of real stone paint from the source.

2. In terms of formula design, a large amount of comparative tests have been carried out on the added amount of emulsion to ensure that the dense decorative paint film after the construction of real stone paint to prevent rain erosion. HEMC


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