CMC is often used in frozen sweets because of its dispersion

Carboxymethyl cellulose is a very wide range of used products. And carboxymethyl cellulose is much used in frozen sweets because of its dispersion. CMC

Carboxymethyl cellulose has good dispersion, so it can like other stabilizer control the formation of various frozen sweet ice crystal. At the same time it can keep uniform tissue. Even under the condition of repeated freezing and thawing can keep stable state. And as long as we use a small amount of carboxymethyl cellulose can make frozen sweet taste better. CMC

When processing frozen sweet foods, the carboxymethyl cellulose is often mix with 15 percent of carrageenan. Which prevents the mixture from separating before freezing. It should be that, with the increase of fat content, the amount of carboxymethyl cellulose should also increase. So that the greasy structure can be. When processing frozen sweets. You can add 2 percent carboxymethyl cellulose, if it is to the syrup, then add 0.75 percent to 1 percent carboxylmethyl cellulose.CMC

If the carboxylmethyl cellulose sodium water solution is stored for a long time, it will affect the adhesive function and stability of the carboxylmethyl cellulose sodium, but also suffer from the damage of microorganisms and insects, and then affect the cleaning quality of the material. However, some thickeners are starch hydrolysis of dextrin, modified starch, they themselves are non-toxic and harmless, but and sugar simply raise blood sugar, and even may cause more intense blood sugar response. Before purchasing sugar-free goods, we must see the list of ingredients to prevent the impact of thickening ener on blood sugar


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