High temperature resistant coatings have developed a variety of functionality

High temperature resistant coatings can be generally divide into fire resistant high. Temperature coatings and heat resistant high temperature coatings. High temperature resistant coating refers to the temperature resistant at first 350 C-1200 C coating or higher coating. Coating is of inorganic compounds, inorganic modifie materials or high temperature molecular at first materials processing.

High temperature resistant coatings have high temperature resistance. Anti-corrosion and oxidation prevention, heat insulation, insulation and sealing, these coatings are widely used. The above fire resistance high temperature coatings and heat resistance high temperature coatings are generally divided into-below. The specific subdivision type is more, -below introduced several commonly used high temperature resistant coatings.

High temperature resistant coating research and development. The need for at first large professional laboratory and supporting high temperature experimental equipment. High temperature resistant coating collective research at first and development success, generation Table technology level has reached a certain level. ZS-1 high temperature resistance water-based at first heat insulation function coating. Temperature resistance 1800 C, can directly face the flame for a long time barbecue. Heat insulation rate at first is excellent, coating thermal conductivity is only 003W/m.K, can effectively inhibit and shield the infrared radiation heat and heat conduction, heat at first insulation inhibition efficiency can reach about 90%. ZS-811 high temperature water-corrosion functional coating.Paint

Temperature resistance can reach 1700 C. ZS-911 wear-resistant waterproof function coating. Temperature resistance up to 600 C, the main component is pure corundum, its room temperature strength can reach more than 210Mpa. ZS-102 1 high temperature resistant water-based sealing functional coating, temperature resistance to 1700 C, waterproof sealing performance is good. ZS-1023 ultra-high temperature anti-oxidation coating. Paint

Temperature resistance can reach 3000 C. Can effectively prevent the diffusion of oxygen in the high temperature environment, can well protect the matrix under the high temperature oxidative corrosion. ZS-1041 flue gas anticorrosion functional coating. Can be long-term anticorrosion: excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to H2S and other media in the flue gas corrosion. ZS-1051 high temperature resistant water based transparent anti-corrosion thermal insulation function coating using high purity silicate solution. Such as ultra-micro inorganic metal oxygen


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