The effect of raw material wetting dispersant in latex paint

Moisturizing dispersant.

Moisture agent is mainly to reduce the surface tension of substances. Its relative molecular mass is small, dispersant adsorbed in the yan filler The surface of the. On the generation of charge repulsion or steric resistance. To prevent the face filling material generation of harmful flocculation, so that the dispersion system is in a stable state. Generally relatively large molecular mass, water-based coatings commonly used wetting dispersant has anionic, cationic, electric neutral multi-functional group non-ion three types.

Among them, anionic price is low, non-ionic in the coating is easy to desorption film movement. The different molecular structure, relative molecular mass and hydrophobicity of wetting dispersant lead to its own strength in wetting and dispersion ability. Bubble stabilization and settlement prevention, water resistance and color display. Therefore, in different types of formulations of wetting dispersant in the selection of different emphasis.

The variety of filler is different, the different performance in the coating system. The same filler, different processing methods or products are different, the performance of the product is also different. With the improvement of non-metallic material processing technology and application technology in China, there are many new packing market. And reasonable armpit packing can improve the coating performance.


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