Cellulose for latex paint [hydroxyeethyl cellulose]

The addition mode of hydroxyethyl cellulose in the coating determines the dispersion fiber in the coating. Which is one of the key points to exert its thickening effect. Through the study, it is that the hydroxyethyl cellulose in the dispersion stage is arrange in order under the action of high shear. Which is easy to slide with each other and destroys the wound spatial network structure, thus reducing the thickening effect.

The paste hydroxyethylcellulose HEC added in the mixing stage destroys the spatial network structure. At low speed during the mixing process. And its thickening effect is fully reflecte. And this network structure is also very beneficial to ensure the storage stability of latex paint. After years of experience in Foshan. The addition of hydroxyeyl cellulose HEC in the mixing stage of high thickening efficiency and high storage stability.

Hydroxyethylcellulose HEC has its high thickening effect, good compatibility, storage stability and excellent flow hanging resistance. Hydroxyethyl cellulose has excellent anti-fluid hanging performance, shellfish storage stability, easy to add, high efficiency consistency. As a paint I industry Latex thickeners, cement resist and moisture retention agents in Construction I, glazing agents in ceramics I, and toothpaste adhesives. It is also widely use in printing and dyeing, textile, paper making, medicine, health, food, cigarettes and pesticides and other industrial fields.


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