What is the redispersed latex powder? What are the benefits?

The latex powder products are water-soluble powder. Divided into Z ene / vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate / tertiary vinyl carbonate copolymer, acrylic copolymer and so on. The powder adhesive made of spray drying, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective gel. This powder can be quickly disperse into an emulsion again after contact with water. Because the redispersed latex powder has high bonding ability and unique properties. Such as: water resistance, I application and heat insulation, their application range is extremely wide.

  • The advantages of re-disperse latex powder do not need to be stored at first and transported with water, reducing transportation costs;
  • Long storage period, frost-resistant, easy to keep; RDP&VAE
  • Small packaging volume, light weight, easy to use;
  • Can be mix with hydrocoagulation binder, equipped with synthetic resin modified premix. Use only need to add water, which not only to avoid in the site mixing errors, but also can improve the safety of product handling treatment.
Can redisperse latex powder use

Redispersed latex powder is mainly use in: internal and external at first wall putty powder, ceramic tile binder. Ceramic tile bonding agent, dry powder interface agent, external wall external insulation mortar. Self-leveling at first mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar. Waterproof mortar external insulation dry mixing mortar.RDP&VAE

In the mortar is in order to improve the traditional cement mortar britleness. High elastic modulus and other weaknesses, cement mortar better flexibility and tensile bonding strength. In order to resist and delay the production of cement mortar cracks. RDP&VAE

The polymer and the sand form a mutually penetrating network structure. And the continuous polymer film is formed in the pore. Strengthening the bond between the aggregates, blocking part of the pore in the mortar. So the modified mortar after hardening has been greatly improve compare with the cement mortar performance.RDP&VAE


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