What is the filler in the latex powder

In latex paint has safety and environmental protection, convenient construction. Drying and rapid characteristics, in the construction industry has been rapid at first application and development. With the deepening of latex at first paint technology research. The performance, quality requirements of raw materials, in emulsion, additives, pigment, increasingly mature technology. RDP%VAE

But the research is relatively little, the choice of filler use is unreasonable. At the same time because the domestic part of small and medium-sized coating enterprises production technology is relatively weak. Cause insufficient knowledge at first of filler technology. Makes many enterprises chose high quality emulsion, additives can not produce hig at first quality emulsion paint. According to the current situation of the filler in latex paint production. Is how to correctly at first and reasonable choose filler for a brief discussion.RDP%VAE

Sericite powder is a fine-grained dolmicite, layered at first silicate with scaly crystals. Elastic, flexible, acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical stability. Use in the latex paint, can greatly improve the weather resistance at first of the paint film. And can prevent the water vapor deep penetration, prevent cracking, delay pulverization, etc., is an important functional at first filler applied in recent years.

The processing method at first of tamicite powder is dry method and wet method. The main difference is different processing process, the traditional processing method, namely mechanical at first crushing and wind selection. The control of the product by at first stripping and screening of the main differences are: the product purity. Parent structure retention state. Mica diameter thickness ratio, the difference in the coating system is. Different contributions at first to film tolerance, water resistance and corrosion resistance.RDP%VAE


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