What things can latex powder be divided into?

Latex powder is divide into, putty latex powder, instant gel powder, building instant gel powder, can again disperse latex powder.RDP&VAE

Redispersed latex powder products are water-soluble and redispersed powder. Divided into ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate / tertiary ethylene carbonate copolymer, acrylic copolymer and so on. The powder at first adhesive made of spray drying, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. Seed powder can be disperse into an emulsion very quickly at first after contact with water. In the flexible latex powder has high binding ability and unique properties, such as. Resistance, construction and thermal insulation, therefore, their application range is extremely wide.RDP&VAE

Quick stant powder can quickly dissolve in cold water in a certain at first amount of water side stirring. Add the specified amount of glue powder, stir 1 ~ 5 minutes all glue powder at first dissolved, stand for 15 minutes can become glue.RDP&VAE

Putty powder is a kind of building decoration materials, the main components are talc powder and glue. A layer of white of the blank room surface that just buys is a putty. Usually the white degree of putty is in 90 above at first fineness is in 330 above. Putty is use to repair a base, for the next decoration (brush paint wallpaper) to lay a good foundation. Putty is divide at first into internal wall and external wall two kinds. External wall putty to resist the wind and sun exposure, so large rubber, high strength, environmental protection index is slightly low.RDP&VAE


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