The application of cellulose in industrial production

Applicable to dry powder mortar dryer decorative building materials. Inner wall water-resistant putty powder (paste), adhesive, hook agent, waterproof putty, water-based paint, self-leveling agent and other new building materials. Global cellulose, used for textile paper, reaches eight million tons every year. In addition, with isolated and purified as raw material. Can produce and polyester, celluloid bin and its nitrate, glacial acetate and other lipid compounds;

Can also be made into hydroxycellulose, ethyl, carboxymethyl. Polyanion and other ether compounds, for petroleum drilling, food, porcelain porcelain glaze, daily chemical products, synthetic washing, graphite products. Signature pen manufacturing, electronic devices, building coatings, building materials, decoration design, mosquito coil incense, cigarettes, paper, sulfide rubber, agriculture, adhesives, plastic, gunpowder, welders and scientific research equipment.

Carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Alias cellulose, carboxylmethyl cellulose. Cmc and other variety of names, Is the inexhaustible renewable and inexhaustible chemical plant raw materials, Generally used in textiles, printing and dyeing mill, oil exploration, papermaking, porcelain, Synthetic washing, daily use chemical, graphite product.

Signature pen production and manufacturing, tobacco, building coating, Engineering glue and other fields. In recent years, in the field of oil exploration, Production standards and types are also a very large development. This is related to the raw material manufacturer of cellulose, The full development. Design and scientific research of mechanical and equipment manufacturers are inseparable from Compared with more than a decade ago. Cellolose PAC for oil exploration also occupies a place in foreign marke.


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