(RDP&VAE)What is the difference between resin powder and dispersed latex powder?

The main differences are that the different properties, different functions and different application fields are as follows:RDP&VAE

Different properties
  • Resin rubber powder: a highly liquid white powder made of high polymer resin. Ultra-fine loading anticonsolidation agent, and a variety of functional additives.RDP&VAE
  • Can disperse latex powder: can disperse latex powder is the copolymer of ethylene, vinyl acetate. It is divide into Z ene / Z ene acetate copolymer, ethylene acetate / tertiary ethylene carbonate copolymer, acrylic copolymer, etc., etc. The powder adhesive made of spray drying, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective gel. This powder can into an emulsion soon after contact with water. And the redispersed latex powder has a high bonding ability and unique properties.
  • Resin rubber powder: in the external wall insulation industry, used to replace the high cost and high added amount of traditional latex powder.
  • The latex powder can be disperse again
    • ①, latex powder and play an enhancing role as a second adhesive.
    • ②. Protective colloid is absorbe by the mortar system (it will not be destroye by water after forming the film, or “secondary dispersion”).
    • ③, the film-forming polymer resin as a reinforcing material is distribute in the whole mortar system, thus increasing the cohesion of the mortar.RDP&VAE
Application areas are different
  • Resin rubber powder: should be in the field of external wall insulation products (expande polystyrene board thin plastering external wall insulation system).
    • ①, special rubber powder for extrusion plate system.
    • ②, polystyrene board system special rubber powder.
    • ③, polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar special rubber powder.
    • ④, putty for external wall.
    • ⑤, ceramic tile adhesive special rubber powder.RDP&VAE


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