Methods and procedures for improving the viscosity of hydroxyethyl cellulose

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (hec) is a kind of water-soluble cellulose ether. With excellent thickening, water retention, suspension, dispersion, and formation Membrane and other properties, as an important additive in the industry. It is widely use in the construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry Industry, daily chemicals. Molecular polymerization reaction, oil well treatment, etc. As an important application performance index of hydroxyethyl cellulose products. Viscosity is mainly determine by selecting appropriate viscosity Refined cotton powder to prepare the corresponding viscosity of the hydroxyZ-based cellulose products.

However, because the refine cotton is reflecte by the natural environment Big ring.

Often appear in short supply situation, especially the high viscosity of refined cotton quantity is limite, so in the system. There is a great difficulty in preparing high viscosity hydroxyethyl cellulose products, and we only the hope to purchase high viscosity refined cotton. To meet the production task of high viscosity cellulose products is not enough, but also need to start from other aspects. The production of high viscosity hydroxyeethylcellulose depends.

Ultra-high viscosity hydroxyeethyl cellulose production process. The raw material after crushing, alkalization, ether, neutralization, purification, using aldehyde substances for crosslinking reaction. And then separation, drying, crushing and packaging. This method mainly adopts high viscosity refined cotton (polymerization 2200 ~ 2600) to ensure its viscosity. Removes the oxygen content in the system by multiple vacuum extraction and protects it with inert gas to reduce the deviscosity during hec production.

Although this method can improve the viscosity of hec products to a certain extent, the visiting method has great limitations. First, the market place. The quantity of refined cotton with high viscosity is small. Which is not conducive to mass production, and the selection of raw material is very limited; secondly. Hec manufacturers adopt vacuum extraction and inert gas protection in the hec production process On this basis, it is difficult to reduce the oxygen content in the system to achieve very low oxygen content, and the process cost will increase. Thirdly, although this method can produce-some high viscosity products, but it is difficult to produce high hec products stably.


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