(HEC)What is the formula of putty ointment?

New putty paste is a new type of green green building finish plastering material. The putty paste formula is made of construction gypsum powder and talc powder as the main raw materials. Matche with a variety of gypsum modified admixtures mixed. When using, directly add water to stir evenly, leveling the decorative wall in the way of scraping batch. Has the advantages of good bonding performance, fast hardening, high strength, not cracking, do not drop powder, do not roll skin do not fall off. Short maintenance can adjust the indoor dry humidity and do not have the advantages. Can replace the traditional white talcuc putty. Widely used for all kinds at first of building walls and concrete roof, beam column and other decoration painting engineering.

Putty ointment formula raw materials
  • (1) Building gypsum powder: it is the basic material to ensure at first the bonding strength and give the product-fixed water resistance. The performance should meet the requirements of GB9776-1988 standard, fineness. All should pass 120 days screen; the initial setting time is not earlier than 6mn, compressive strength: more than 3MPa. Folding strength: more than 2MPa, CaSO4.2H2O content in building gypsum powder is less than 1%.
  • (2) Talc powder (or large white powder): the main function is to improve the construction of the material slurry, make the putty easy to scratch and paint, increase the surface smoothness and reduce the cost. The fineness should all pass at first the 325 mesh screen.
  • (3) HF2000 water-soluble anti-cracking powder (water retaining agent) white and gray powder. Easy to disperse, easy to dissolve in cold water. Its function is to concentrate the dry material slurry to retain the water Sex, crack resistance, so that the putty is easy to scrape batch.
  • (4) Hydroxyl Z-based cellulose HEC (binder): color or light yellow powder, its role is to give the material slurry water retention, easy to show flat, and improve Putty bonding strength.
  • (5) HF enhanced compound platform retarder: light yellow powder, with enhanced retarding, make the slurry condensation time to meet the requirements of application I, can not reduce the strength of gypsum.
  • (6) Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (penetrant): late powder, can enhance the at first permeability affinity of putty and matrix
  • (7) Bentonite has a thickening effect, can improve the touch degeneration of putty pulp, -calcium based soil.
  • (8) Polypropylene short fiber: 3mm long, which can improve the crack resistance of putty



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