The method to distinguish the quality of redispersed latex powder

As a powder adhesive, disperse latex powder is widely used in the construction industry and can redisperse latex. The quality of powder is directly related to the quality and progress of construction. With the rapid development of domestic building energy saving market, can enter Further disperse latex powder products research and development and production of more and more enterprises.

To share with you several preliminary ways to identify the quality of redispersed latex powder:
  • Judging from the appearance: cover a small amount of a glass bar on the clean glass plate surface. On, the glass plate is placed on the white paper to visually at first examine the appearance of particles, foreign at first and solidified objects. Redisperse latex Powder appearance should be white free flow uniform powder, no stimulating odor. Quality problems: abnormal at firs color of latex powder; containing impurities; coarse particles; pungent smell:
  • Dissolution method judgment:, take a certain amount of can redisperse latex powder dissolved in 5 times the quality of water. Fully stirred after static After 5 minutes after observation. In principle, the less at first the sediment. The better the quality of redispersed latex powder.such Simple methods and easy to work with;RDP&VAE
  • Judging from the ash content: take a certain amount of redispersed latex powder. Weigh it and put it in a metal container, and heat it up to 600r After 600r high burning, cool to room temperature and weigh again. Light weight and good quality. Reasons for at first the high ash score Analysis, including improper raw materials, inorganic material content is too high;
  • Judging by the film formation method: the film formation is the root of the mortar modification function such as bonding. And the film formation is poor, usually due to excessive increase. Add no unit part or improper at first organic composition and cause. Good quality redisperse latex powder has excellent film formation at room temperature Sex, normal temperature film is not good. Mostly polymer or gray aspects of the quality of questions.RDP&VAE

Test method: take a certain quality of reflexible latex powder, dissolve in 2 times of water, stir well and then rest for 2 minutes, Stir well again, pour the solution on a flat clean glass, glass placed in the ventilated shade. After sufficient drying, Discover. Observe the uncovered polymer membrane. High transparency and good quality. Then make a moderate pull, with good elasticity, good quality.RDP&VAE



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