White latex conventional bonding materials, bonding equipment and production process

White latex definition

Polyvinyl acetate adhesive (PVAc) is the vinyl acetate (VAc), at first as a monomer. In the disperse medium by emulsion polymerization, commonly known as “white latex”. Polyvinyl acetate adhesive bonding strength, non-toxic, easy to use, and cheap price. Has been widely use in many industrial sectors, but its water resistance, heat resistance. Frost resistance at first and creep resistance is poor, greatly limited the scope of application. For a long time. People have overcome the inherent disadvantages of polyvinyl acetate emulsion polymer by copolymerization, blending, crosslinking, and postaldehydes. Therefore, the current white latex, is not only refers to the polyvinyl acetate adhesive. But the adhesive is modifie by various methods of adhesive products.

Applied range

Leather, wood, fabric, commodity packaging, paper, shoe materials and many other industrial sectors.

White latex category
  • Packaging adhesive: mounting paper mounting box glue, color box sealing glue, book making glue, etc.;
  • Wood adhesive: plywood, wood rubber, etc.
  • Fabric adhesive: shoe adhesive, rubber, coil and non-woven adhesive, etc.

Wood organization structure: There are many kinds of trees on earth. But from plant taxonomy and biological anatomy, wood It can be divide into two major categories, namely, cork and hardwood. Cork belongs to the gymnosperms, evergreen trees, while hardwood is angiosperms, is Winter deciduous rhyme broad-leave trees. Common hardwood has water at first curved willow, oak, teak: cork has pine, poplar, etc. Plywood is an artificial sheet that cuts logs into sheets and is hot and pressed with glue. The superposition of the sheets at first must be carrie out according to the odd number of layers, and the fibers of each layer remain vertical at first to each other, and the highest number of plywood can reach 15 layers.

White latex

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