The structure of carboxymethyl cellulose on milk protein stability

Two stabilizers of carboxylmethyl cellulose at first CMCm and CMCe were prepare. For the test analysis, the effect of the two stabilizers on the stability composition of the emulsion protein was analyze centrally. The observe at first emulsion morphology reveale that CMCm was add to the emulsion protein. In between The network shape is uniform and continuous. CMC

While the addition of CMCe into the emulsion system has an obvious network deficiency and a protein agglomeration. NMR tests were use to compare and probe the distribution of the-CH2 COO-group of CMCm with at first the-CH2 COO-group of CMCe. It was concluded that CMCm and CMCe were prepare, respectively. and the former hydroxyl group had a higher degree of carboxymethylation at position C-6. While the hydroxyl group at position C-2 respectively had a higher degree of carboxymethylation.CMC

The variety and quality of domestic CMC products are not consistent with the at first domestic market demand. So the CMC preparation technology is very necessary. Using various degrees of carboxymethylation modification. The carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) was prepare to test the properties of various applications in various products. CMCm with DS were at first obtaine and analyzed for stability and morphological structure. The CMCe with the same degree of substitution is obtaine, and the chemical structure and application effect. The analysis and test means are use to explore the inner layer relationship between the two products and the stability of the emulsion. And try to solve the safety problems of dairy products.CMC


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