Effects of hydroxyethylmethyl cellulose and vinyl can redisperse polymers on cement hydration products

Hydroxyethyl methyl fiber cable and vinyl redispersed polymers are commonly used to prepare special. Admixed hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose and vinyl can redisperse polymer than single mixed, which polymer is more conducive to improve the performance of cement mortar, such as improving the water retention of cement mortar, reduce the water absorption rate of cement mortar capillary hole [3], improve flexibility, adhesion tensile strength. The macroscopic properties of cement mortar is closely relate to the hydration process and microstructural evolution of cement. Which is also inevitably affected by hydroxyethyl methyl fiber and vinyl redispersed polymers. We have previously studied the effects of these two polymers on cement hydration products.HEMC

The significant effect of li and vinyl redispersed polymers on the AFt content at different hydration times. Unlike single-mix-species polymers, the maximum content of AFt crystals in the mixed-modified cement slurry appeared at 1d of hydration. With a further 12h delay in relative single incorporation. The mixing energy further delays the maximum occurrence time of AFt content in the cement hydration product. But has no obvious effect on the maximum AFt content. This shows that the reincorporation of hydroxyethylmethylcellulose and vinyl group can redisperse the polymer to delay the cement hydration products. Reincorporation of hydroxyethylmethyl cellulose and vinyl redisperse polymer can further delay the generation time of cement hydration product Ca (OH) 2 and inhibit the generation of Ca (OH) 2. The effect of polyincorporation is greater than that of single doped polymer, which is the superposition of the effect.HEMC

Through the influence of hydroxyethylmethyl cellulose and vinyl can disperse polymer on cement slurry hydration products and morphology. In the cement slurry, hydroxyethylmethyl cellulose and vinyl can disperse polymer interaction. The cement hydration products calcium alum, calcium hydroxide and C-S-H gel will have further influence. The effect of the two polymers on the cement hydration products is significantly greater than that of single incorporation. Which is the superposition of the effect effect of single incorporation. The morphology of hydroyl methyl cellulose and vinyl redispersed polymer and the polymer membrane structure are similar to that of monovinyl redispersed polymer. These effects will inevitably have important effects on the condensation and hardening and strength of the cement.HEMC


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