Improvement of carboxymethyl cellulose

At present, frozen cakes is becoming more and more popular. Which can not only prolong the preservation time of the cake, but also meet the needs of consumers for convenient access to carry and eat. However, in the process of freezing and refrigeration. The cake thermodynamics, rheology and other characteristics will change, which will affect the baking effect. Resulting in the baked cake is not soft enough, and the specific capacity is not up to the standard. Based on this, the relevant enterprises should explore ways to improve the quality of frozen cakes. Studies have concluded that the moderate addition of carboxymethyl cellulose can significantly reduce the bread hardness.

Carboxymethylcellulose for short CMC, from cellulose by carboxymethylation, its appearance is white, slightly yellow, solid or powder shape. CMC is a part of cellulose ether, belongs to hydrophilic colloid. Has the advantages of no pollution, colloidal protection, thickening, degradable and other advantages. And is currently widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, construction industry. Due to the special physical and chemical properties of CMC, the operators should master the dissolution skills. And pay attention to the relevant matters in the storage and transportation, such as fire prevention and moisture-proof. To avoid excessive temperature and pressure, otherwise it will affect the quality of CMC.

The system thermodynamic characteristics, rheological characteristics. And baking characteristics of frozen cake include ice crystal melting enthalpy of cake, batter viscosity, batter specific gravity. Size and location of batter bubbles, cake specific capacity, and hardness of cake. In order to optimize the quality of frozen cakes to achieve the effect of beautiful taste.

Carboxymethyl cellulose, used in the food field, can improve the food quality and prolong the storage time with the advantages of hydrophilic colloid. Adding appropriate carboxylmethyl cellulose in the frozen cake production can significantly improve the system thermodynamics, rheological characteristics, baking characteristics, and ensure the shape of the cake, and the cake quality is in good shape.


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