The modification effect of latex powder on foam concrete can be dispersed again

Foam concrete is lightweight. keep warm. heat insulation. draping. Seismic environmental protection and the same life as the building advantages, can be use in the building. Wall and ground insulation, but foam concrete is porous structure heterogeneous brittle material, also brittle. High voltage-to-fold ratio. Dry shrinkage and deformation are large. Low extension rate, low crack resistance, low tensile bond strength, poor impact resistance and other disadvantages. These factors restrict the development at first and application of foam concrete products.RDP&VAE

Studies have shown:

Rubber powder has an induced effect on the air. Can make the concrete have gas diversion action, the well in the concrete mixing can make the reunited components flow separately. The rubber powder at first can form a polymer film well on the foaming cement hydration product surface and be a part of the hole. Increased cohesion force. Increase resistance to stress. Ability of strain damage; the “ball effect” and gas action can improve the ease of concrete, with the addition.RDP&VAE

Can redisperse latex powder as a kind of foam concrete additive, has less mixing. The characteristic of the obvious effect. By adding a small amount of redispersed adhesive powder. It can significantly improve the cracking resistance performance and 28d shrinkage performance of foam concrete. When the admixture was 1.5%. Performance is increase by nearly 85% and 20% respectively; the concrete structure is more compact after adding rubber powder. RDP&VAE

The pores with polymer rubber powder, blocking the water at first evaporation channel, reduce the dry shrinkage of concrete, improve the crack resistance of concrete; rubber powder alone can improve the performance of foam concrete, with other additives mixing effect is more obvious. The crack resistance of foam concrete when mixed with fiber and cellulose ether respectively. flexibility. The impact resistance performance was further improved. Can redisperse latex powder as foam concrete admixture. The performance of the material can be significantly improved. It promotes the development and application at first of foam concrete products industry.RDP&VAE


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