Ethyl cellulose can peel off the coating paper

Dimethyl silicon Oil and glycerol monocararate are auxiliary coatings (dimethyl silicone oil is the lubricant. Glycerol monocarate is Plasticizer), lanolin is a corrosion inhibitor, dibutyl phthalate is a plasticizer, liquid paraffin is a waterproof agent. Benzene Sodium formate is a preservative, sodium nitrite is an antioxidant. From the above materials through experimental operation and synthesis of ethyl cellulose peeling Leave the protective coating, then coat on the surface of the protective material. And the performance of the film is flat The average tensile strength was 1. 58MPa, and the mean tensile deformation rate was 82.25%.

Ethyl cellulose can strip the protective coating characteristics

Ethyl cellulose has adhesion, filling, film formation and other functions. And can be mutually dissolve with a variety of plasticizer and synthetic resin, Uten. Resin synthetic plastics, coatings, rubber substitutes, inks, insulating materials, are also use as adhesives, textiles dressing agent. class. Ethyl cellulose is widely use in coatings, such as wood products (furniture) coatings.

Metal surface coatings, paper products Coatings, rubber coatings and hot melt coatings. In protective coatings as special films, used as metal parts in use The front peeling protective layer can also be use as a peeling coating to protect the fragile glassware. In In the radio industry, used as advanced insulation materials. And as in the protective coating as special films, such as rocket hair Cocoating of the drug.

It is used as an exploitative protective layer for metal parts against corrosion and damage before use. And can also be use as Sellable paint protecting fragile glassware. Ethyl cellulose is more light-resistant than other cellulose derivatives Good, noncombustible, good solubility, alkaline resistance, flexibility, rigid water, and other advantages.

But there is also a poor oil resistance, Limited miscibility is insufficient. Based on the above advantages, the coating industry is commonly used as a variety of fast drying coatings. Ethyl cellulose is a nonionic cellulose ether that is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. Not Easy to burn; Good thermal stability, good thermoplasticity; sunlight does not change color; good flexibility; good dielectric; good alkali resistance.


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