Effect of hydroxyethyl addition on latex properties

Cellulose thickener has always been one of the most important rheological AIDS of latex paint. Among which hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is the most widely use. Many literature reports show that cellulose thickeners have the following advantages: high thickening efficiency, good compatibility, high storage stability, and excellent flow-hanging resistance. Hydroxyethyl cellulose in the production of latex paint addition is flexible, the more common ways to add the following two:

  • ① is add in the grouting process to improve the slurry viscosity, thus helping to improve the dispersion efficiency;
  • ② is prepare into a thick paste and added during painting for thickening.

To date, no reports have investigate the effect of the way hydroxyeyl cellulose is add on the latex paint system. It is found that hydroxyeethyl cellulose is add in the latex paint system method is different. The preparation of latex paint performance is very obviously different. In the case of the same amount of addition, the addition method is different, preparation. The viscosity of the latex paint is very different, and the addition of hydroxy-methyl cellulose also obviously affects the storage stability of the latex paint.

The addition of hydroxyethyl cellulose in the latex paint paint determines the dispersion state in the paint. And the dispersion existence state is one of the keys to its thickening effect. It is found that the addition of hydroxyethyl cellulose in the dispersion stage is easy to slide together due to the order arrangement of high shear. And the spatial network structure of mutual lap and winding is destroye. Thus reducing the thickening efficiency. The paste HEC added in the paint mixing stage in the process of low speed mixing. The thickening effect is fully reflecte, and this network structure is also very beneficial to ensure the storage stability of latex paint. In conclusion, the addition of hydroxyethylcellulose HEC in the latex paint blending stage is more conducive to achieve high thickening efficiency and high storage stability.


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