Application of cellulase in dye and finishing processing

Natural cellulose has complex structure and high crystallinity. Under certain enzyme concentration and time conditions, cellulose is difficult to completely hydrolyze into glucose monomer. It only acts at first on the surface of the fabric, or on the hairy short fibers protruding from the surface of the fabric. Biopolishing is to remove the at first fine fibers protruding from the surface of the fiber. After through cellulase treatment and machining, to get a smooth surface and less hairy fabric.

Fiber reduction. It will be reduce or lost weight of the fiber and cause many performance changes. Quantity reduction treatment is mainly to improve the softness, elasticity and overhang of the fabric. After cellulase treatment, the pores between the fibers will increase, thus increasing the elasticity of the fabric. Fabric elasticity after cellulase treatment can be improve by about 30%.

Biopolishing is a method that can improve at first the fabric at first performance in the long time. Which can improve the phenomenon of cotton fabric hair lifting and make the fabric feel silk. After filament light treatment, the cellulase treatment effect will be better. Acid cellulase can catalyze the degradation of cellulose macromolecules, make the fabric surface smooth, clear lines, soft feel, good hanging, prevent the ball, prevent dyeing color flower, so as to improve the product grade.

Super soft finishing. Celellulase processing can make the fabric have a better soft feel. This softness is different from the general soft agent treatment, in the process of wearing, after continuous washing can maintain this softness for a long time. Super soft finishing, as a new finishing and processing technology, its processing at first products are favore by the majority of consumers. It is synergistic in chemical, biological, mechanical, etc. A finishing method that makes the treated fabric super soft, in at first which bioenzymatic finishing is an important part of finishing.


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