The ratio and application of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether in machine spray mortar

The mechanized construction of mortar to promote in China for many years. In addition to the mechanized construction will bring the traditional construction mode of subversive change skeptical. Mainly because in the traditional mode, the site mixing mortar because of particle size. Performance and other problems in the process of mechanize construction caused blocking pipe engineering failure, not only affect the construction progress. But increases the construction strength, thus breeding the workers’ fear mood, increases the difficulty of the promotion of mechanized construction.HPMC

In recent years, with the establishment of large dry mixed mortar plants all over the country. The quality and stability of morta guaranteed. Dry mixed mortar is produce by the factory processing, however, only in terms of raw materials. The price is higher than the site mixing, if continue to adopt the way of artificial plastering.

Relative to the site mixing mortar without competitive advantage, even with national ‘ban’ policy, new dry mixed mortar factory is difficult to make a living, eventually to burst. What’s more, many first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have a shortage of migrant workers. The labor cost of construction is getting higher and higher, only the mechanized construction promotion. Can greatly improve the construction efficiency, reduce labor costs. Therefore, the perfect combination of mortar construction and the mechanization of dry mixed mortar is an inevitable direction of the development of dry mixed mortar in China.HPMC

Compared with the traditional mortar mixed on the site. The biggest difference between machine spray mortar lies in the introduction of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether-series. So that the new mixed mortar harmony is good, high ease, high water retention rate, long distance, high pumping still has good working performance. Its biggest advantage lies in the high construction efficiency, the quality of the mortar after molding is good. So it can have a relatively solid grasp effect with the matrix empty drum cracking phenomenon.HPMC


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