The difference between EVA powder and acrylic and latex powder

I. Poor water resistance of EVA.

EVA products contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which are easily soluble in water. Which is also the reason why the glue powder is quickly dissolve after adding water to form a liquid adhesive. Because EVA is dissolve in water, it is not water-resistant. If it is use outdoors for a long time, it is inevitably affecte by a small amount of rain or humidity. And the performance is gradually reduce. In practical application, we can find that the thermal insulation bonding and plastering mortar based on EVA rubber powder both show very poor water resistance in the short term. Only after the cement is fully solidified, can reflect a certain water resistance (mainly the role of cement);RDP&VAE

2.EVA products have poor weather tolerance.

EVA if directly exposed to the outdoor, its performance will be rapid attenuation, use in building insulation materials. Although not directly contact with sunlight, but still inevitably affected by the outdoor climate, its actual service life is only 5~8 years. And the national requirements for insulation system life is not less than 25 years. Which is why many external insulation construction after a period of time, cracking, drum, fall off.

3.EVA products do not have low-temperature flexibility.

The flexibility of EVA is only above 0 C, and below 0 C, EVA is brittle, unable cannot play an anti-cracking effect. In the north of China, especially in the low temperature area in northeast China. Even if the above EVA has many deficiencies, the use of EVA in many small local factories is seriously insufficient. Compared with EVA emulsion (or rubber powder), the performance of elastic acrylic emulsion has obvious advantages: elastic acrylic emulsion not only has large bonding strength, high elasticity. Good alkaline resistance, more in water resistance, weather resistance, low temperature flexibility has the absolute advantage. In the direct exposure of the sun used for more than ten years, there will be no obvious performance attenuation.RDP&VAE


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